The Taurida International Symphony Orchestra play the music of Jabrail Haupa

The “Taurida” International Symphony Orchestra of St. Petersburg mark the 75th anniversary of the birth of the Circassian classical musician and composer Jabrail Haupa with a concert in Moscow.
Place: Pillar Hall, Palace of the Unions, Moscow.

Time and date: 19:00, 19 February 2017.

The Orchestra will be accompanied by the singer Nafset Chenib, Honoured Artist of Adigea, and classical musician Murat Kabardokov, People’s Artist of Kabarda.

Jabrail Haupa (ХьэIупэ ДжэбрэIил) was born on 20 February 1942 in Kabarda. He graduated from the Tbilisi Conservatoire in 1969. He’wpe is a member of the Russian Composers’ Union and Honoured Artist of Russia. He composed three symphonies and many other symphonic pieces and classical songs. His work is suffused with Circassian musical folklore.

Savour He’wpe’s compositions:

International Symphony Orchestra “Taurida” Play Zhebre’iyl He’wpe:

1. “Kabardian Youth Overture” for Large Symphony Orchestra [Jabrail Haupa; 1971]
2. Instrumental Song “It Is Snowing” [Jabrail Haupa. Arranged by M. Kabardokov]
3. Instrumental Song “My Spring” [«Си гъатхэ»] [Zhebre’iyl He’wpe; 1962. Arranged by M. Kabardokov]
4. From the Vocal Cycle “Kabardian Maiden Songs, for Soprano and Orchestra” [Composed by Jabrail Haupa; sung in Circassian by Asiyat Cherkesova]
i. “What Hope Do I Have?!” [«Сытхэр си Iэмал?!»]
ii. “Hetaw” [«Хьэтау»]