Documents in The National Archives of the UK

Some Documents About Circassians in The National Archives of the United Kingdom

There are a lot of documents about the term about Circassians and Circassia (especially Russian - Circassian War and Circassian exile) in national archives of England, Turkey (Ottoman Period), Russia and France. And below you can reach the list of some documents about Circassians from the National Archives of The UK.

Emigration of Circassians to Turkey  

TURKEY: Papers. Settlement of Circassian Emigrants in Turkey

Lord Napier: Deplores Russian actions over deportations of Circassian tribes to Turkey; enclosing copy of his letter to Gorchakov
1864 May 21

TURKEY: Memo. Circassian Emigrants in Turkey. (Mr. E. Hertslet)
Jan. 23, 1877 

TURKEY: Report. Bashi Bazooks, Circassians, &c. (Capt. E. Molloy)
Oct. 12, 1877

Considers continuation of Circassian struggle against Russia a mistake
1860 Nov. 14

Hon. W. Stuart: Suez Canal: Osman Pasha has gone to Egypt. Greek convent property: patriarchs playing their hands badly. Ali Pasha and the missionaires. "Horrible affair" of ship-loads of Circassians sent to Cyprus
1864 Oct. 26 Therapia

Mr. Yeames, consul at Odessa. Report on geographical and geological features of Circassian Coast.
Sept. 1836

Activities of the Circassians

Syrian Circassians; emigration to Canada

Circassians: recruitment in Middle East
1942 Oct.

Proposed emigration to Transjordan of Circassian refugees from Italy

Claims arising out of the Civil War, vol. 10. O. Chapman to Circassian, etc.

Caucasia: Proposed resettlement of Circassians in the Caucasus.